Veneers – What You May Have Been Looking For

As cosmetic dentistry specialists, we can offer patients who visit us a wide array of options for improving the aesthetic look of their teeth. Veneers are a popular options among patients who may have concerns about the appearance of their teeth and want to undergo a low-risk procedure that can boost the look of their teeth.

If you currently have teeth that are stained or you happen to have gaps in your teeth that you’d like to fix, then you might want to consider veneers. Changes in tooth colour can be due to a whole range of different reasons, but commonly due to drinking liquids such as cola or coffee and of course, smoking cigarettes. Also, If your teeth have experienced wear from any kind of tooth trauma where they have been chipped or cracked, as a result of coming into contact with a hard surface (think tables!), then veneers can offer a relatively quick fix for this as well. Although veneers are a quick fix, they are by no means low quality. Veneers are custom made for your teeth and are moulded exactly to the teeth that you want to have fixed.

What Exactly Is A Veneer?

Simply put, a veneer is a thin layer of porcelain or other material placed by a cosmetic dentist in the mouth to cover the teeth and fix all kinds of irregularities, from chipped corners, holes and certain misalignments. In some cases, a little tooth enamel has to be removed first for the veneer to fit correctly. We employee very professional dentists who will first examine your teeth, the options available, and if you opt for veneers, our dentists will always ensure that the veneers will fit perfectly. They need to fit perfectly because veneers are typically quite thin, some with a thickness similar to that of a single contact lens. But the best part is that they last 10 to 15 years or even longer!

Veneer Maintenance

Looking after veneers is quite easy – they are usually made from material that is not prone to staining and can last many years in place. However, it is imperative to practice good oral hygiene because other complications could occur to those teeth over time. If patients have a habit of grinding their teeth at night they might need a night guard to protect the veneers from wear.

Veneers From Us

If you have been considering veneers, our professional dental practitioners can assist you with making the right choice for your set of teeth. Veneers are made using cutting edge technology to ensure that you can enjoy a great new uniform smile. During the initial consultation, we will explain all available options for you to consider – besides offering cosmetic procedures such as veneers, we offer a full suite of services such as teeth whitening and general dentistry and Invisalign. We are always one step ahead, implementing the latest state-of-the-art techniques in dental technology to ensure that you get the best of the service from us. You can contact us directly on (02) 6181 0771 and we will endeavor to solve your dental concerns.


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