Ceramic Tooth Restoration Procedures

In this age of highly processed foods and increased sugar intake, it is important to consider what impact some of the substances in the foods we eat are having on our oral hygiene. Sugar has been known to cause many types of tooth decay and discolouration; fortunately, there is a great method to combat these conditions directly if they arise and that’s by undergoing ceramic tooth restoration on the affected teeth. This article will provide information about ceramic tooth restorations and then you can go ahead and book an appointment at our clinic if need be.

Why Do People Opt For Ceramic Tooth Restoration?

There are numerous reasons why a patient will come to us, mostly for the overall improvement of one’s oral aesthetic appearance. After all, the teeth are one of the first things anyone notices about a person given they are situated in the middle of our faces. Luckily, there are a plethora of cosmetic procedures one can have to improve their smile. For misshapen, decaying or damaged teeth, a tooth can be first filled with a large filling which is implemented to cover a specific amount of decay or damage. Then our dentists will go ahead and insert a brand new dental crown over the tooth providing both strength and support as well as maintaining a natural ‘toothy’ look.

Our tooth restoration procedures can also be used to support dental implants. Many individuals will choose to replace a tooth that has decayed instead of inserting a filling – or in some circumstances, the filling may not be suitable for the amount of decay. In addition to supporting damaged teeth, a ceramic tooth restoration procedure can protect the tooth and prevent potential (or further) decay. A strong dental crown can usually prevent any further damage to your teeth. If you are currently suffering from damaged teeth, then feel free to call us on (02) 6181 0771 and we can arrange an assessment and discuss your options.

What Types Of Tooth Restoration Procedures Do We Do?

We offer professionally crafted dental crowns that can be created from a range of materials to suit your budget including porcelain, metal or ceramic constituents. The crowns are created specifically to suit your teeth and are personalized to ensure the crown will fit exactly onto your teeth. The most common material choice for dental crowns is ceramic as it is easier to maintain and not as costly as porcelain or metal. Furthermore, ceramic based crowns look and feel like real teeth, as opposed to shiny metal ones.

The tooth restoration process requires a considerable amount of preparation and assessment in order to create the perfect match for your teeth. During the first consultation, our staff will take x-rays of your teeth to examine the root of the tooth and determine whether the procedure will be suitable. If there is an infection or extensive decay, our dentists may recommend a root canal before implanting the dental crown. That being said, there are various methods that we employee but for the procedure to be completed effectively, it is best that you visit our office first and speak to the dentist so we can discuss all the options available. Our number is (02) 6181 0771 and you can speak to our friendly staff about what options and payment plans are available.

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