Sleep Dentistry And Sedation Dentistry

Technological advancements in the procedures that we utilise at Dentist Canberra and around the world has made dentistry a much more comfortable experience for both the patient and the Doctor. Contrary to popular belief, Sleep Dentistry and Sedation Dentistry are two slightly different procedures that are not the same. This article will provide valuable information for our clients on sleep dentistry and sedation dentistry; as well as how each can benefit you as the patient.

Sleep Dentistry

This type of dentistry is what a lot of our patients ask for – it involves the use of a gas based sedative to calm the individual during dental procedures. As is mentioned above, some individuals can feel quite nervous and agitated when visiting the dentist, which is completely normal. In order to maintain a healthy set of teeth, it is highly recommended that one attend a dental appointment at least twice per year but this is often overlooked because of the fear factor or sometimes the cost of visiting the dentist can deter people from making much needed appointments.

Contrary to the name, one may not be entirely asleep during this procedure; in fact, the term refers to the administration of an IV sedative during operation. The sedatives used are powerful and effective – patients will report no pain during these procedures. The medicine used during procedures involving IV administered sedatives helps patients to relax during the procedure. Sleep dentistry is most commonly utilized during tooth extraction, dental implants and cosmetic surgery.

Sedation Dentistry

Similar to sleep dentistry, this type of dentistry involves the use of a sedative to calm the individual during dental procedures. Contrary to sleep dentistry, sedation dentistry utilizes an oral sedative or nitrous oxide which places one in a very relaxed and meditative state. The sedatives may be taken either at home before attending the appointment or on site once arriving at our practice. This applies purely to the oral sedative as the nitrous oxide must be administered by trained professionals in our Canberra clinic.

Due to the increased level of relaxation and semi-conscious state, it is highly recommended that one have another individual drive home after an appointment involving sedation dentistry.

Choosing One

As we have discussed, both of these types of dentistry can ease a patient into feeling more comfortable with their dentist. The method chosen will depend entirely on the level of stress and anxiety being experienced; as well as the type of procedure to be completed. Many procedures do not warrant a high sedation; however, if the individual is feeling uneasy he/she may opt for a sedation procedure. The basis of these styles is to make one feel comfortable and reduce the pain tolerance level effectively.

If you are interested in undergoing sleep or sedation dentistry, please contact the office on (02) 6181 0771 and we can organise an appointment for your procedure.

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