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A dental emergency is, quite simply, a medical emergency that involves the gums, teeth and other dental treatments. Since it may strike anytime, you cannot afford to be complacent when it comes to being prepared for dental emergencies and there is no chance to book an appointment and wait for your time.

The best thing to be prepared in a dental emergency situation in canberra is to have on standby the emergency hotline of your local Canberra dental services or a nearby dental clinic. In a crisis situation, you don’t want to be put on a waiting list.

Do not ignore a dental emergency

The rule of thumb is: Do not delay if you’re experiencing oral pain or excessive bleeding or any oral health issues.

Whether you’re suffering from a toothache which is one of the most common dental emergencies – or a broken/chipped tooth due to external impact or fall, do not brush it aside or just put up with the pain, hoping it would just heal by itself.

Left untreated, some dental injuries or pain may progress to more severe and permanent damage to the blood vessels and nerves.

Look for a professional emergency dentist in Canberra

Always ask to see a dentist that offer emergency appointment during a dental emergency even on public holidays. An emergency dental clinic would often set aside dental emergency hours or even allow afterhours booking on request.

An experienced emergency dentist would be able to quickly diagnose the problem and take immediate steps to relief the pain or bleeding.

It’s not all about clinical skills either. An emergency dentist is someone who can handle the heightened emotional sensitivities of a patient caught in a dental emergency. He or she would be able to empathise with the patient’s needs, and take appropriate care to assuage both the patient’s physical pain and emotional fears. 

A professionally trained emergency dentist can turn an otherwise nerve-wrecking experience for the patient, into one that is well managed and even pleasant.

Experience counts as well. If your emergency dentist in canberra has seen and handled enough patients in similar situations, he or she is more likely to manage the situation in a calm and effective manner. 

Handy Tips for Dental Emergencies (Canberra)

  • Do not panic. One of the first rules in a dental emergency is to stay calm, especially if you are looking after a child in dental pain.
  • In the case of a broken or chipped tooth, apply cold compress to try and minimize the swelling. Please contact your Canberra emergency dentist right away.
  • For aching teeth and painful gums, gargle with warm water because this will provide temporary relief. You can also floss your teeth to remove any particles that could be stuck between your teeth. Contact your Canberra dentist if the pain persists.
  • If something is lodged between your teeth, try to remove the object using dental floss, taking care not to hurt your gums. If the object cannot be removed easily, do not use force. Contact your dentist immediately even in odd hours emergency.

Does your Canberra dentist provide dental surgery as emergency services? It can make a huge difference when you least expect it.

Search up the Dentist Canberra website for the right one!

Why is it important to look for a Canberra emergency dentist?

Knowing where to find professional help during a dental emergency is very important. Of course, it’s even better if the dental practice that you regularly visit offers credible after-hours emergency services. What you should avoid is waiting until a crisis strikes, then realising that your family dentist does not entertain emergency call-outs. 

Not every clinic provides dental emergency services. If the Canberra dentist that you regularly visit offers emergency dental services, there are obvious benefits. First, you would already be familiar with the location, parking and surroundings. You would know the dentist by name, have a relationship and feel more comfortable around him/her.

These may seem like insignificant details, but they actually help to calm one’s nerves during a crisis. Most importantly, the dentist will also be more familiar with your dental history and background. This is especially important if the injury or emergency in question involves a previous dental work.

A Canberra emergency dentist would also be experienced in handling a crisis situation in a calm and professional manner. He/She would be versed in the emergency protocols required for immediate pain relief and sometimes a temporary fix is needed, before follow-up treatment in a subsequent appointment.

If you have children, you would want to consider a Canberra Emergency Dentist that offers children’s dentistry services.Research has shown that about 30% of infants and toddlers have suffered some form of accidental trauma to their teeth. The risky age group for dental mishaps is somewhere between 18-45 months, and the most common issues involve a fall or hard knock.

Common dental emergencies in Canberra include:

Do I need to pay call-out fees?

An important question to ask when determining whether to add a Canberra dental emergency dentist to your list of emergency contacts is this: How much does it cost?

The last thing you need on top of a dental crisis, is to be saddled with an exorbitant bill that you weren’t expecting.

You should however be prepared that most, if not all, Canberra dentists would charge a call-out fee for extending their services for after-hours appointment.

Call-out fees are necessary to cover the after-hours expenses of the dentist and the dental team. They must adequately compensate staff surcharge and the clinical set-up time required to prepare the surgery for an after-hours patient.

That said, it would be wise to call up your dentist and enquire about their pricing structure related to emergency dental services. In most cases, you would only be able to get a rough estimate, as the fees depend on the type of emergency you present with.

Nonetheless, you should be familiar with details such as the price range, and whether or not your health fund covers call-out fees.

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