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Braces have been around for some time and they happen to be one of the most effective ways for dealing with misaligned teeth. However, some patients can become concerned about the obviousness of braces as they are usually bright and shiny (like our teeth should be!). Advancements in teeth straightening technology has led to the development of Invisalign, a clearer and practically invisible method of straightening teeth.

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What is Invisalign?

This is a system that can be used to straighten the teeth instead of traditional metal braces. It consists of a series of transparent aligners that are very difficult to see without knowing they are in place. The removable aligners are custom-made for each patient, which means that they’ll address the precise issue that the person is undergoing treatment for. Every two weeks, the aligners need to be replaced. This means that the teeth are gradually shifting during this period of changeovers. Invisalign can also deliver much faster results than traditional braces due to the innovative and highly effective nature of the technology.

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Main Benefits of Invisalign

So, why would you consider this option over traditional braces? Choosing Invisalign for correcting common dental issues, such as bite angle correction or misaligned teeth, can enable you to effectively treat these problems and with almost no one noticing.

Firstly, the appearance of these aligners is much different from the appearance of traditional braces. There are no wires and a clear, durable material is used. As a result, Invisalign aligners are somewhat invisible. Not only will Invisalign be actively straightening your teeth, but the clear appearance of them over traditional metal braces can also boost your self esteem.

In addition, Invisalign feels much more comfortable than standard braces and eating with the aligners on is also less complicated. Many people that use the system report no discomfort or irritation whatsoever. Even adults who would previously have put off using braces can benefit from Invisalign and go about their daily life without having to worry about anyone asking about their braces.

The aligners are easily removable. This makes them easy to clean and can substantially boost your self-confidence during social situations by taking them off for a couple of hours. Putting them back in is as easy as putting a mouth-guard back in at footy!

Studies also suggest that clear braces made of plastic reduce the damage to gums and teeth that could be caused by standard braces. The wire and the protruding bits in the case of traditional alignment could lead to some injuries and pain to the inside of the mouth. This simply does not occur with Invisalign.

Finally, treating tooth misalignment with Invisalign generally lasts a much shorter period of time. The use of standard braces can sometimes last up to five years! In the case of the Invisalign system, patients can see great results within a single year or 1.5 years at most.

Is Invisalign the Right Option for You?

Invisalign is an innovative product that many people have come to see as the best option for dealing with their misaligned teeth. The experience of the dentist working with the invisible aligners, however, is an important factor for being 100% comfortable and satisfied with your treatment.

We have lots of experience with Invisalign and we’ve helped many patients improve the aesthetic appearance of their teeth and helped them get their confidence back. During our first consultation, we’ll have any of your concerns addressed and help you figure out whether Invisalign is the answer. To book an appointment, give us a call right now on (02) 6181 0771 or book an appointment online. We’ll be more than happy to answer your questions and schedule a consultation at a time that’s convenient for you.

Invisalign Dentist Canberra

The Benefits Of Clear Braces For Professionals

For many adults, their teeth are a source of shame, This is especially true for those who suffer from crooked or misaligned teeth. While braces are a solution, many feel that they will hurt their professional chances as well, due to the juvenile associations that are often applied to braces. This can pose a problem where individuals never quite feel comfortable with themselves or their teeth but also feel that they are held back by minor imperfections.

Thankfully, clear braces are an alternative that allows individuals to fix their teeth and still feel professional while doing so. These consist of a series of liners that are replaced every few weeks until the desired state has been reached. These liners are see through, but work to press the teeth back into alignment through sustained wear.

Because these braces are usually liners rather than brackets, they are also easier to use in everyday life. Without gaps for food to get stuck in, rubber bands to snap, or brackets to get snagged, they allow for a much more normal life free from potentially embarrassing scenarios. This is important if one is working within a corporate environment where lunches, conferences, and presentations are a large part of the job and may factor within future promotions.

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Meeting with clients while wearing these braces does not have to be an intimidating process. Worn correctly, the only person who knows the braces are there is the one who is wearing them. This gives them a huge benefit over traditional braces as they are easy to conceal. In industries where one’s entire job is confidence, this can be extremely important.

The clear braces do require a few more trips to the dentist than traditional braces. This is because they are replaced at a much more rapid rate. However, there is very little adjustment so the trips will be shorter and should overall impact an individual’s time much less than traditional trips to the dentist. Most of these appointments can be attended on the typical lunch hour schedule.

These new braces are much less painless than braces of the past. This is because they are changed so often, this frequent switching of trays puts much less strain on the teeth and the mouth as a whole. They also work with the body rather than against it to move the teeth into place much more naturally. This is important as older braces were known for causing pain that could disrupt one’s day and make communication difficult.

Clear braces are also much quicker to fix one’s teeth than traditional braces. This means that while you feel great wearing them, you are much less likely to have them for an untold number of years. This can be important when the possibility of promotions looms in your future. Even if one does have to move, many dentists are skilled in the care of these braces so there will be no need to cease the work that is being done on their teeth.

Finally, these clear style braces do not cost much more than traditional braces. In many cases the difference may actually even out if tradition braces would have been worn for more than two years.

For anyone within the corporate or professional world who feels uncomfortable with their teeth, clear braces are an extremely easy answer to a tough problem. Upping one’s confidence and feeling more comfortable may be just a few months away for those previously plagued by teeth related insecurities. Ensuring that worry about teeth does not hold one back can actually aid in progressing forward in an otherwise perfect career.

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