Gum Disease Prevention And Treatment

A proper oral hygiene regimen includes flossing and brushing twice daily plays a major role in preventing gum disease. These diseases include gingivitis and periodontists which usually affect nine out of ten people at some point. The most common problems are inflammation and bleeding, both which are signs that your teeth and gums are in need of extra care.

Causes Of Gum Diseases

Gingivitis (gum inflammation) occurs after plaque forms on your teeth: a plaque is basically a film of bacteria as well as food debris. If you do not remove it daily, the plaque quickly gathers at the edges of your gums and gradually forms hard deposits of tartar. This results to irritation and inflammation of the gums, giving them a swollen red appearance and makes them bleed when you brush your teeth. If left untreated, gingivitis can damage the tissues fixate you teeth to the jaw which results to loose teeth. If you ignore this problem, you may be at risk of tooth loss. It is best to have regular check-ups with a good dentist. We recommend at least two check-ups per year. Please call our clinic on 02 6189 2839 to organise a check-up for both you and your loved ones.

Prevention Of Gum Disease

You should bush at least twice per day and floss on a regular basis. Also, eat a lot of fruits that are rich in Vitamin C and flavonoids as well as foods rich in calcium and other essential minerals and vitamins. You should reduce the consumption of refined carbohydrates such as foods that contain white flour and sugar and pastries as well. When you cannot brush immediately after a meal, you can chew sugarless gum or eat raw, hard fruits and vegetables such as apple or celery. This will protect your teeth and gums over the long term. Make sure to book an appointment with a good dentist every few months.

If gum disease goes untreated, it may eventually require gum surgery.

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