General Dentistry: Common Causes of a Toothache

Many people experience teeth sensitivity for a few seconds when taking very cold or hot food and drinks. However, if you experience a sharp toothache for more than 15 seconds after drinking or eating, it could be a sign of a more complicated tooth problem which may have an underlying cause.

The cause of a toothache can be established through an extensive oral examination such as dental x-rays, which can be completed at our clinic. Some of the common causes of a toothache include:

1. Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is one of the major causes of a toothache. When tooth decay occurs on the outer part of the enamel, you may not feel much pain. But, if the decay penetrates the enamel and interferes with the dentin (the inner, soft and sensitive layer of your tooth) the tooth becomes extremely sensitive. If the decay is not treated early, it may find its way to the pulp causing sharp pain and eventually kills the pulp tissue resulting to a boil filled with pus beneath your tooth root. The pus may cause great pain, especially during expulsion.

2. Poor Teeth Brushing Techniques

Poor brushing techniques may lead to gum diseases. This is especially when you apply great force when brushing using a hard brush that may damage the gum tissues or detach it from your teeth exposing the tooth’s roots. This can cause sensitivity or pain on your gum when taking something hot or cold.

3. Fractured Tooth

A small fracture on the surface of your tooth can make you feel pain when chewing. Such fractures may be caused by teeth grinding, poor chewing habits and tooth injury due to a fall or accident among others. Bacteria and plaque can accumulate in the cracks of a fractured tooth leading to tooth decay.

4. Other Conditions In Your Body

You can experience a toothache due to other problems in your body not related to the jaw or tooth. If you have a sinus infection, you may experience toothache due to the pressure from the sinuses that are close to teeth.

Choosing General Dentists

The relationship that you have with your dentist to a great extent determines how healthy your teeth will be. To have an easy time dealing with dental health, you need to take time when selecting a good dentist. At our Canberra clinic, we only employ the very best doctors and maintain great relationships with all of our clients.

Not every dentist that you come across will treat you with the level of care and professionalism that you deserve. The ideal dental service provider should meet at least a few of the following criteria.

  • They should have a certificate of qualification displayed at their place of work. This will be an indicator that they are trained and experienced I what they do.
  • They should have a clean and hygienic practice. Dental health issues are very sensitive. Getting dental care from a dirty place will only be a source of additional health complications.
  • The dentist should be up to date with the latest procedures and practices. For instance, in case you have dental phobia, they should be able to provide you with sedation dentistry services in order to help you relax you during the procedure.

This is the criteria that you can use to determine whether a dentist’s service is of a high quality or not.

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